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  • FreeBSD on the Asus Zenbook (UX32VD)

    This post serves mostly as a note to myself in case I need to reinstall FreeBSD on my Zenbook. Hopefully it can be of help to someone else on how to get FreeBSD working on their Asus Zenbook UX32VD. Some settings here are based on my own preference, such as keyboard layout and so on.

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  • Abstractions, good or bad?

    Abstractions is a part of evolution and it is how we humans have evolved for the last centuries. Seen from the very beginning, we have abstracted (and are still abstracting) everything from our language, math, and programming to way of writing, cooking and staying in touch with friends and families. From the very beginning before we had any formal way of representing numbers we had to actually show the amount we meant, with physical objects. Later we learned to draw lines to represent numbers which later became roman numerals. Now humans had a way of representing an amount of something in writing. Later this evolved into our 10-based number system we use today.

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  • Factorials

    I’ve just started to get an interest in math and so I thought I’ll write about some of the things I’ve picked up so far. This time it’ll be about factorials, what you can use them for and how Python can help you along the way.

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  • Simple program to find prime numbers

    Sometimes it’s useful to have a simpe program around to answer if a certain number is a prime number or not. With a few lines of Python this is easy to build. The following small program prompts for a number and answer if it’s a prime or not. You can also read the exit code of the program in case you want to implement it in another program or a shell script. The program will quit with exit code 0 if it’a prime number, and 1 if it’s not. This program only works for numbers greater than 1, since it starts checking by dividing by 2. I think this is okay, since we all know (or nowdays consider) 1 to be the first prime number.

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  • Why I don't use Docker

    Let me begin with saying that I don’t dislike Docker in any way. Docker is a nice piece of software and is making a lot of peoples lifes easier. What I list here is the reasons for why I don’t use Docker and why it doesn’t fit my needs. I wanted to write this since so many people have been telling me that “Docker is the new big thing”, which I’m sure it is. These people has convinced me in trying out Docker for a couple of years now. I believe I’m on my third year with Docker now. But these days I only have a single Docker container left. And I’ll have to be honest here. I too, was really hyped in the beginning with Docker. I thought it was just amazing. But as time has passed it has proven to add so much complexity into my life that it’s just not worth it anymore. I’m sure most it is depending on me not being able to handle Docker very well, I kinda feel to old for it sometimes. And why is this then?

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