Jack-Benny Persson

Jack-Benny Persson

Born in the early eighties and got hooked on technology around '93 when I got a Intel 486 with Windows 3.1 to play around with. A couple of years later Linux found it's way into my life and since then I've been tinkering with the bits and pieces that follows.
Unix systems have been a passion to me ever since. I like reading about Unix history, software development, the open source movement and so forth. Between may 2012 and may 2013 I was a board member of The Linux Society of Sweden.


I write code in various languages for both fun and profit. It all started out with some simple Bash script and then went on to more complex things. I still consider myself as a learner though. You can find all my projects on GitHub.

My own companies

This company started out in 2010 as a hobby of mine. In the beginning CyberInfo mostly offered Mumble servers and webhosting for gaming communities. By the start of 2016 the hobby was reformed as a real business. CyberInfo is continuing the Mumble servers and webhosting solutions but also expanding into consulting, development and education. Nowdays the company do both hardware and software solutions.

This is a company I run together with a good friend of mine from the Linux System Specialist class. We develop products for small companies.

Personal projects

This one is a really fun project of mine. It's a site that gathers interests rates from different swedish banks and compares the rates.